Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A case for your DR-05

If you bought the Tascam DR-05 I posted about a while ago, you've probably been looking for a case. Sadly, it's too wide and tall to fit into any standard padded camera cases I've found. Whenever I go shopping I look in the camera/other cases area to see if I can find something it will fit in, and finally I did. At the checkout line at my local discount store (Amazing Savings, located in Brooklyn and all over NY & NJ) I found a glove compartment umbrella that came with the perfect size case for the DR-05. It even has space for a rolled up lav mic or a spare set of batteries. It's one of those soft rigged cases, so it's not crush proof or padded, but should offer a decent amount of protection if you want to chuck your DR-05 into your camera case and not worry about it. I was easily able to squish in a spare piece of padding on each side so it's protected on top and bottom. It is the perfect case for the DR-05, and at $5 in store, it's definitely a steal. It even comes with a tiny umbrellaJ. If you need to buy it online, I only found it sold direct, for $8+shipping ($3 for me), which is not a bad price for protecting your Tascam anyway. (buying more then one lowers the price)
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