Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Keeping track of your Butterfly/Wingnuts

So I use my video Worklights on light stands. No big deal, each one has a hole where its supposed to mount to its base, I just slip the 1/4-20 on top of my light stand though there, then tighten a butterfly (wingnut) on there. But when the kit is packed, those wingnuts are easy to lose, espcially since I pack in crates and rolly boxes that have holes in the sides. Here's how I made sure my wingnuts go where I go, all the time. I took an Eye bolt (2/$1.20 by me) and threaded on 5 wingnuts (50/$5, I believe). (all 1/4x20 obviously) Then I secured it to my case using some utility band, but you could zip tie, string tie, bow tie, or attach it any way you want really. Notice how I reversed 2 of the wingnuts and screwed them on together, that maximizes the available space.

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