Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...And we're off

This blog is just what it sounds like: a guide and resource for frugal photographers. In it I will share with you the ways I have found to save money and limit the expenses incurred originally by my photography hobby, and now my photography career. I have been inspired and taught by others, some of whom I will name, and some of whom I will forget to mention. Please don’t take it personally, I have a horrible memory.

What was I saying? Ah, right. Ok. so, I was recently auditing myself, and I concluded that I HAVE NEVER PAID FULL PRICE FOR ANY OF MY PHOTOGRAPHY GEAR. Which is a skill I want to share with you. So, on occasion, I may stumble across a deal that is running for a limited time, and post it as a blog entry. I want to encourage you to sign up for a feed/notification for this blog so you don’t miss any of these.

What I am using:

I am using the Sony SLR system, because I feel it is the best bang for your buck in this field. Here’s why:

  • · The cameras are much cheaper than comparable models from “The Big 2” (Nikon and Canon)
  • · You can buy older Minolta autofocus lenses for pretty cheap

That said, I don’t agree with all Sony SLR products. I strongly dislike their flash system, and I use older Nikon flashes with an adapter. Hopefully, that will be a later post with an in depth look into that.

I use speedotron studio/room lights, because I started out with them, they seem to last forever, and people are clearing them out on Craigslist.

I make my own cables a great deal of the time. There will definitely be a post on that.

I use the commonly termed “poverty wizards”, because I’d rather have 2 triggers and receivers and $270 dollars left in my pocket. There will definitely be posts on them.

I also use the word Frugal. This is because “Cheap” has bad connotations.

More coming soon!

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